Top Best New WhatsApp Status 2018

In this Modern Era, we are living in a World of IT. The whole World has become a Globel Village. Almost everyone is connected with Social Media. There is a number of people who are using Social Media. But WhatsApp is also an Interesting App for everyone. 1.2 billion people are using this wonderful App. This App is on #69 in the whole websites ranking in the world. This article is about, {Top Best New WhatsApp Status 2018}. WhatsApp is providing many facilities to their users to make their life easier.

There are many features in it but today we are describing a most favorite feature of this App called WhatsApp Status. You can express your love and feelings to your contacts through status on WhatsApp. WhatsApp is an Application which we used for messaging. We can make a voice call and video call on it. We can share Images, Videos Voice messages, and many other types of media and files to our contacts. Whatsapp has made our life so easy. It makes the business effort free.

WhatsApp Status


Top Best New WhatsApp Status 2018:

It is a most popular App we are using on our smartphone. You can install it on any operating system like iOS, Android, Windows phone, Blackberry. We can also use it on our PC or Laptop. Here we are seeing a trend of status on WhatsApp. By your WhatsApp Status, you can make a smile on someone’s face and also express your feeling. So here we are creating a list of WhatsApp Status. You can daily change your status on WhatsApp. Visit daily on our website and see the new and unique status.

WhatsApp Status Attitude

Attitude WhatsApp Status:

  1. I’M A Good Person with Bad Attitude.
  2. Your Choices + Your Attitude = Your Life.
  3. The Only injury In Life Is a cheap Attitude.
  4. Don’t catch my goodness As a Sign of weakness.
  5. An Ugly Personality can Destroy A beautiful Face.
  6. Pink Isn’t Just A Color shade, It’s an Attitude also.
  7. Attitude Is A Price Tag, It Shows what is your value.
  8. I Don’t Care About Your Opinion because I Know I am Awesome.
  9. I am The Boss of my own Thoughts, So my Mind Will Obey Only Me.
  10. Of Course, sometimes I talked To Myself when I need an Expert Advice.

Best WhatsApp Status Ever

Best WhatsApp Status for 2018:

  1. Life Gets So Much easy when You Cut The weak Bullshit Out.
  2. Looser.Is The One who Creates A Winner, So I don’t Mind Loosing.
  3. Be A Girl with A mind, a woman with Attitude and A Lady with a Class.
  4. Find a boy that will take You Home to Meet his Parents, Not his Bedroom.
  5. Excuse Me. I Found Something under my Shoes, Oh sorry It’s Your Attitude.
  6. 70% Of The Boys Have Girl Friends. Rest 30% are Having Brain in their skull.
  7. Sometimes I assume to be Normal, But It Gets Boring So I go back Being Me.
  8. Boys have No Idea how Long Something they Said can stay In a Girl’s thoughts.
  9. Your Attitude Belongs to You and It’s your Choice. If you want to have A Good One.
  10. I am Not A Spider-Man Nor A Superman, However, I Am Superhero For My parents.
  11. Girls Express their Feelings through Tears. Boys Express Their Feelings through Beers.
  12. Don’t Judge my Past, Look at my Presents, I am Sure that my Future Is really shocking.
  13. My Parents Should be Proud of Me Because of I am using Social Media, Not any Drugs.

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