Best Short Valentines Day Poems For Her

As you know the month of February is coming near. This month is having a special event in it. As you know Valentines Day has a special importance in youngster’s life. On this celebration, everyone wants to wish their life partner as well. You can send Gifts, Candies, Chocolates, Heart shape balloons to your lover. You can also use a Valentines Day card to wish him/her. Another way to wish someone is sending Valentines Day Poems. This article is about “Best Short Valentines Day Poems For Her“.

Valentine’s Day is not only for lovers. It is also important for married couples. Many people think to wish Valentines Day in a unique way to impress him/her. There are many ways to wish Valentines Day. This is a day of celebration for young lovers and married couples. It is also called Saint Valentines Day. It is an annual holiday in many countries.


Valentines Day Poems For Her

Best Short Valentines Day Poems For Her:

You can get more information and a Brief History of Valentines Day by clicking here.>>> IMPORTANCE & HISTORY OF VALENTINE’S DAY. Here we are trying to write some Valentines Day Poems. If you are a male and having a wife/fiance or having a girlfriend and want to show her love. So choose a poem and send her. You can send this poem by SMS, or Email. You can write it on a Valentines Day Card and present it to your lover.

In this digital world, you can use Social media to send Valentines Day Poems For Her. WhatsApp, Facebook, Messenger, and many other Social websites can help you for sending Valentines Day Poems For Her. Keep reading this article about, Valentines Day Poems For Her“. So let’s go ahead and pick your poem today.

Valentines Day Poems For Girlfriend:

You know that you are in love,

when your heart skips a beat.

You know you are in love,

when you want to hear her repeat.

you know you are in love,

when you stare her at face.

you know you are in love,

when you want to embrace.

I am in love with you,

wishing you a happy Valentines Day.

Valentines Day Poems For Friend

I could paint this wish on the sky,

but the clouds would hide it away.

I could carve this wish on the shore,

but the waves would wash it away.

I could sing this wish to the world,

but the wind would blow it away.

So I will seal this wish on your lips,

and forever it would stay.

Happy Valentines Day my Love.

Short Valentines Day Poems:

My days & nights

are spent thinking about you

my dreams have come true

now that you are in my life.

Happy Valentines Day.

I loved you yesterday

and I love you still

I always have

and I always will!

Happy Valentines Day.

Now that I have you

I have nothing to fear

But I always think you’ll leave

So I will try to keep you near

Happy Valentines Day.

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