The Real Meaning & History of Christmas

December has been started with its all the joys of Christmas festival. Here in this article we are describing “The Real Meaning & History of Christmas“. Christmas is a religious festival of Christian’s community. Christmas day is a public holiday in many nations. People decorated their Homes, streets and building with lights and balloons. The most amazing thing about this festival is an X-Mass Tree. On these days you will see this X-Mass Tree everywhere. On the streets, outside the Church, in the homes. Everywhere in multiple sizes decorated with colorful lights & packets of gifts.  They celebrate this event with so joyfully all around the world.

Christmas is also a sorrowful time for many people who had no extra money. To spend on their loved ones. Some people can’t buy new clothes for their children & family. But many people find troubles to buy presents for their family & friends. Some people feel sadness at Christmas when they think about their loved ones who were not able to come home. Christmas is a season of Great Joy. In this Month God shows his special blessings on people.

The Real Meaning & History of Christmas:

This is an annual festival for Christian’s community which is celebrated as the birthday of Holy Jesus Christ. The date & month of Jesus’ birth is unknown. But in the mid of 4th century, the Western Christian Church placed Christmas on 25 December. After that the East & another world also adopted it. This is a cultural & religious festival in the Christian’s religion. People celebrate this event in the last month of the year (December). According to The Gregorian’s calendar. In the last half of December, Christian community gets started to celebrate their Prophet Jesus Christ’s birthday.

But what are the main meanings of Christmas? Is it the time of the lights in the windows, gifts under the tree? Or turkey dinners with friends & family, the cards in the mailbox? Or stocking hanging in the living room and snow in the yard? Or loudly shouting “Merry Christmas” to those people who are passing in the streets?

Why is Christmas observed?

Christmas is a special festival when we celebrate the birth of the Christ child. “The Real Meaning & History of Christmas“. On this day God sent his Son, Jesus, into the earth. His birth brought great joy to the whole world. Wise men & angels shared in the excitement of knowing about this mega event. They knew that this baby was not an ordinary baby. The prophets had told of His coming hundreds of years ago. This article is originally written by Ahmed Sonu.

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