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Holi Festival is a religious festival in Hinduism. People celebrate this religious festival in the Indian subcontinent. Holi 2018 will celebrate at 1st and the 2nd of March 2018 in India and all over the world. This event is also known as Holi festival of colors. The Hindus which are living in India, Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and other countries celebrate this Holi festival with full spirit. This article is about, “Holi Festival 2018 “. At the end of winter season and beginning of spring season, Hindus celebrate this colorful festival.

Holi Festival

On this festival, they fight and frolic with others in the streets, open areas, parks, and outside the temples. They forgive all their enemies, repair broken hearts and play & laugh. People throw different colors on others and sayings of Happy Holi. This festival signifies the victory of good over the evil. It lasts for a night and a day, starting off the evening of the full moon (Purnima).


Holi Festival Pronounciation

Holi Festival Information:

Hindu community also celebrates this event as the thanksgiving of the good harvest. There is no exact Holi date every year. According to the Gregorian calendar, Holi Festival is celebrated at the end of the February to mid of the March. In the Indian calendar (Vikram Samvat Hindu Calender) this event comes in the month of Phalguna. The first evening of this festival is known as Chhoti Holi or Holika Dahan. The Holi festival has many other names like Phagwah, Rangwali Holi, Dhulandi, and Dhuleti. Holi is an ancient Hindu religious festival, but now it comes popular in the other communities.

Holi Festival India 2017

People who migrate to other origins spread this festival in the whole world. Now many people in South Asia and outside Asia also celebrate this colorful event with Hindu Community. In last some years this festival also become popular in the United States, Canada, and Europe countries as a spring festival of colors and love. Holi celebrations start on the night before Holi festival with Holika Dahan.

Holi Festival History:

Hindus gather and perform their religious rituals in the front of the bonfire according to their religious traditions. They also pray to destroying their internal evils. In Hinduism People believe that the sister of a demon king Hiranyakashiphu was killed in the fire in past. The next morning People celebrate as the Rangwali Holi where people smear each other and throw colored water on others. For this purpose people also use balloons full of color water and water guns to color their family members, friends, and neighbors.

Holi Festival In Hindi

They nothing see who is in their front. Is a friend or stranger, man or woman, children, or elders, rich or poor. People visit their friends, family, and others to throw colored powder on others. Some groups organize dance parties and sing Holi song, Holi Geet, or Holi Gana.

Activites on Holi Festival:

People arrange meal parties for their family members, friends and others to make fun. They make gossip and laugh, eat foods, and share their stories. People drink some customary drinks like Marijuana (Bhang) at Holi Festival. After the whole day enjoyment, people dress up clean clothes and visit their relatives and friends.

Similar to Holi Festival, the People celebrate Dol Jatra in West Bengal & Odisha are dedicate to Lord Krishna. The festival celebrates the love that Krishna in the belief to have expressed to Radha on that day. However, the mythology is different. Idols of Radha & have carried around in procession on the specially decorated truck. Addict take turns swinging them. People also smear the Idols with color powder. Colors are thrown at people on the streets too! Festivities actually begin 6 days beforehand, on Phagu Dashami.

Holi Festival Wishes:

  • Red, Yellow, Green and blue, All colors reminds me of you. Happy Holi.
  • I wish you Happy Holi 2018 with full bright colors. Stay colored on every Holi.
  • Holi is a day full of excitement, colors, wishes, and fun. Wish you a Happy Holi.
  • Happy Holi. Have a Colourful event and spirit of Holi for a better life and a better world.
  • Here’s I am wishing you a Holi filled with sweet moments and colorful memories. Happy Holi.

Holi Festival Quotes:

  • Dipped in hues of love & trust has come the festival of Holi.
  • Let the colors of Holi spread the message of happiness & peace.
  • Holi is a time of year to remember those who are close to our hearts.
  • Holi is a time to show affection. It is the day to express love with beautiful colors. All the colors that are on you are of love.
  • Holi is the time to break the ice. Let’s renew the relationships and link yourself with those that you wanted to with a palm of color.


Holi is a festival with great fun and carefree activities. If you don’t mind to get dirty and wet you must participate in this event. You’ll end up with saturated in water to get free from all colors and dirt. You cannot wash some tough colors. So we advise you to wear old clothes to participate in this festival. It’s a good idea to rub coconut oil or any other oil to prevent colors from absorbance on your body.

Single women or girls should avoid attending these types of festivals and don’t go out alone. Media report many rape cases in the Holi 2017. Incidents of rapes make a nuisance for parents. This is a bad side of this religious festival. On this joyful event please don’t ignore poor people in your society. Please keep an eye on your poor neighbors and make an aid for them. Help them with money or eatable things & add them to your celebrations.

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