Importance & History of Valentine’s day

Every year on 14th Feb many people celebrate an event in many countries called Valentine’s Day. It is a Special day for boys/girls. They wish Valentine’s Day to their girlfriends/boyfriend with a present. This article is about “Meanings and Importance of Valentine’s day“. Many people exchange Flowers, Gifts, Cards, Toys, and Candies etc with their specials. They called them their “Valentine” and say Happy Valentine’s Day. People also remember this day as “Romance Day”. The boys and girls exchange Valentin’s Gifts with their loved ones.

But this day is not only for youngsters. This is also a special day for all. Husbands can present a Gift to their wives, like Flowers, Cards, Gifts. This Day has a deep history in the Christian Community. Some people believe that Valentine’s day starts in the 5th century. People name this day as “Romance Day” for a Christian martyr.

Valentine's Day


Importance & History of Valentine’s Day:

In the Rome, in 278 A.D this day was celebrated. As a Holy priest when Emperor Claudius II was ruling in The Rome. The Emperor of Rome Claudius II was not a good person. He wants to make a strong Army for his State. But he saw that the Roman Men are not getting interested in joining his Military. Because the Roman Men had lots of love for their wives and families. The Emperor Claudius II impose a ban on all marriages and engagement ceremonies in Rome. Young lovers get perform their marriages in secret and a young boy (Valentine) get to support them.

A Dark History of Valentine’s day in Rome:

Emperor Claudius II order to his Soldiers to hang that person whose name was Valentine. Valentine was dragged & arrested. When Valentine condemned the new rules of Emperor, he gets beaten to death with the hammer. After that, the Emperor’s soldiers start to cut off Valentine’s head. It was a Great sacrifice of Valentine for the people of Rome. For his great sacrifice, Valentine has titled a saint after his horrible death. People carry this word “Valentine” and start to celebrate this day as Valentin’s day. In 496 A.D, Roman Pope Gelasius take a decision and declare February 14 as St Valentine’s Day.

Importance & History of Valentine's day

Who was the real Valentine?

But the correct identity & origins of St. Valentine are doubtful. Render to the Catholic Encyclopedia, Slightly there are 3 different Saint Valentines. But all of them are martyrs and they are mentioned in the initial martyrologies beneath the date of 14 Feb. 1 of them was a priest in the Rome. The 2nd person was a bishop of Terni, Italy ( old name is Interamna). The 3rd St. Valentine was also a martyr in Africa in Roman Province. Anyhow, Finally 14 Feb become a date for exchanging poems, love messages and Gifts such as Flowers.

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