April Fools Day Pranks For Friends 2018

As we know April is coming near with some special events. But its most important and funny event is April fools. This is an event full of fun and jokes. On this day people make fool to their friends, family members, relatives, teachers and others. People playing April fool joke to expose their prank by shouting April fool. This article is about “April Fools Day Pranks For Friends 2018“. This day celebrated on 1st April of every year. This is not a public holiday in any country. Sometimes people also call April fools day as all fool day. On this day people act practical jokes and pranks.

The pranks, jokes, and their victims are called April fools. The exact history of this day is a mystery until now. Some people believe that this event begins when Germans changed their calendar into Gregorian from the Julian. In the 1700s on 1st April this event become popular by English citizens. The citizens of England begin started practical jokes on everyone and after it becomes an annual tradition.


April Fools Day Pranks For Friends 2018:

April fools day is coming so get ready to apply some pranks to your friends, family members, and other which not likes you. Here in this article, we are presenting some interesting April Fools Day Pranks and jokes that can make some fun. There are many types of the prank for fun but keep in mind don’t make a prank which can hurt anyone. If you want to make some fun in your office here are some ideas of April fools pranks.

April Fool Jokes:

Change your co-worker’s keyboard:

Try our April Fool Jokes on your friends and others to make a fun. You can disturb your coworker to grow some tiny plants on your co-worker’s keyboard. Put some fertile soul from your garden and spread it into your co-worker’s keyboard. Pour some seeds of leafy plants which are easily available in the market.

April FoolsApril Fools Day Movie

Airhorn under a seat:

You can attach an Airhorn to your coworker’s seat. You can easily make an Airhorn by using an empty bottle of a body spray or air freshener. Place an Airhorn on it with the help of a scotch tape.

April Fools Day 2018

Disable a PC mouse:

you can also paste a sticker beneath a PC mouse to hide the laser light of mouse. It can disable this mouse.

April Fools Easter

Trump’s picture on staff’s picture wall:

Hang a Trump’s picture on your staff’s picture wall.

April Fools Day Quotes

Airhorn behind a door:

Install an Air horn as a door wall protector.

Puzzle your friends with water:

Place Cups full of water in Office corridor to puzzle your staff members. Try it on your colleagues and boss also to make a trouble to pass the way.

Mentos Prank:

Add a Mentos in a Cola bottle with thread. It will make a chemical reaction to it when anyone will open the bottle.

Funny Dinner for a Friend:

Arrange a Dinner party for your friend. Prepare a funny dinner to make a laughter. Take a piece of hardboard or carton. Give it a shape of a piece of fish. Cover it with some spices and egg an fry it.

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